Dr. Arindam Ray

Vice President (R&D)
Pracsol Technologies

About Myself

I am very much focused on outcome based teaching-learning pedagogy and very keen to provide technology enabled flexible quality education. I have expertise to establish a complete E-Learning (Outcome Based Learning) solution for students and mentors (Design to Implementation). Establishment of appropriate environment in terms of Mentoring, Outcome Based Learning Pedagogy, Technology Enabled Learning, and Student Motivation is my area of expertise and handling of internal & external issues with an appropriate solution. My experiences like Motivation, Team Building, and Training conduction will move forward the organization faster in the right direction. Quality teaching, learning, project based learning and timeliness are my focused activity. My research area is the implementation of Emotion in E-Learning platform and application of virtual reality in the Education System.

Recent neurological study specifies that role of emotion in human cognition is a lot of importance. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) aims for recognizing the learner's emotional state in order to provide a horizontal interface between human and computer. In the traditional E-Learning system the method of teaching-learning is unidirectional. A fundamental theory is observed that one method does not fit for all learners. My objective is to deliver different content to different learner as per learner's need. I tried to include of emotion in E-Learning platform, which is a completely new concept which will make the system Active and Affective E-Learning System. To make it affective we introduced learner's emotion in the form of physiological signals.